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About the artist

Sunday 7 July 2019

I was born in Paris in 1963 and now live and work in Montreuil, near Paris.

I wasn’t born with a brush in my hand. My interest in visual arts dates back to 1999/2000. I was 33 at the time and living in Japan where I spent three years.

It all started with Bryce, a 3D imaging software. Although these images are very different from what I do today, I’m still fond of them, especially this one (and here is my mother’s favorite). Each of these images took weeks, or even months, to create, which didn’t stop me from having lots of fun, but I did tire of it after a while.

This interest in 3D led me to follow clay modelling courses, first during a stay in New York in 2000, and then after I moved back to Paris, at the atelier de la Butte aux Cailles from 2001 to 2006. I immediately felt at ease with clay, which is a very spontaneous and forgiving material. During these four years I alternated between figurative and abstract phases, with varying degrees of success.

For a long time I had been wanting to paint abstracts, but was so intimidated that I didn’t dare try it, or even admit it to myself. This all changed when I started taking lessons with Olivier Wahl. He made me realize that painting an abstract is actually very easy: all you have to do is pick up a brush and start painting. Simple, and yet infinitely rich. I am still exploring this world.

This discovery also changed my approach to sculpture: I have been having a lot of fun lately using recycled materials, particularly coathangers. And also with digital art: after a period playing with Artmatic, a software that creates images using mathematical formulas, I moved on to digital painting, using programs like Painter and Studio Artist and my tablet’s stylus as I would use a brush.

Today I still pursue these three directions:
- painting, mainly with acrylics but also inks, pastels, pencils...
- sculpture
- digital art

Most of my 2D work is abstract, which means it doesn’t represent anything, not even (especially not) ideas or feelings. I wrote more about what abstract art represents for me in this article.


Represented by gallery Scène Intérieure, Paris.

- December 2009 : collective show "Faits d’arts à Montreuil", at gallery l’Escalier.
- November 2008: collective show at gallery Scène Intérieure, Paris.
- April 2008: solo show at gallery Scène Intérieure, Paris.
- March 2007: participation as a visual artist to the Festival des arts vivants (living arts festival), Montreuil.
- February 2007: collective show at gallery Scène Intérieure, Paris.