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L’art abstrait de Florence Artur


lundi 26 novembre 2007

Pastel, 16x24 cm (6.5x9.5 in).

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  • Cells 30 novembre 2007 15:55, par Kim

    Flo, this is also a really nice piece. The colors are fantastic, and I love the movement. Do you have a special way you mount these pastels ?

    Lovely Work !

    Lien : http://http://www.kim-creatingspace...

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    • Cells 2 décembre 2007 10:39, par Florence

      Thanks Kim !

      I haven’t mounted them but I guess I should do something with them... the last time I made a pastel painting, I left it lying around in the studio and it got dirty !

      This time I put them in a box, at least they should be better protected, but I guess I should frame them.

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