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About this site

Sunday 18 December 2005

You will find here my paintings, sculptures, digital works and photographs. Most of them are presented without any comment, because I prefer to leave you, the viewer, free to see and interpret them (or not) in your own way.

A brief history

I have had a website since 1995, and of course it has evolved along with me and undergone a few radical changes. It started with an ordinary "Hello World" personal page that I created as a way to explore the (to me and many others) new possibilities of the Web.

For several years the site’s content was centered around Japan with a rather large collection of links, and later an article about the hisory of religion in Japan.

Then, as art started to take a more important place in my life, it slowly became a showcase for my photos and digital works, and later my sculptures.

In 2005 I grew tired of updating the site manually, and after a few experiments I selected spip as a publishing system, and the site took more or less its current form.

In 2006 I acquired my own domain name and moved the site to its current address florenceartur.com.

Legal stuff

This website is published and maintained by Florence Artur, 85 rue de la Solidarité, 93100 Montreuil, France.

Important warning about copyright

All images on this website are © Florence Artur. This means that you are allowed to copy them to your hard drive and print them for your own personal use only. You are not allowed to publish them in any way (e.g. on a web site) without my express written consent. If you like my images and would like your friends to see them, send them a link!

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